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How It Works

The GROUPLAY app is a competitive game that combines a social trivia game with site scanning from your maps, according to the site where the group is located.
The purpose of the game is to give more value to your branded maps, and to give tourists a wider travel experience.


Rules of the Game

  • GROUPLAY is a competitive game whose goal is to score as many points as possible during the entire trip.

  • All participants will have a time limit to answer the question, and they must be physically present at every site where the game will be played.

  • The winner of each round will be the one who answers the question correctly and in the shortest time.

  • The five fastest players will win a bonus question that will help them score more points.

  • Everyone will be able to see the top five in the game and their position in the leaderboard.

  • At the end of each round, the group will receive an entertaining prompt for the winner (for example: Clap for the winner)


Important facts

  • The GROUPLAY app works with all types of maps you might have, and it's not limited only to"Israel Maps".

  • The GROUPLAY app is available in a variety of languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian.

  • No adjustment is required in your printed maps you have in stock, in order to enjoy the GROUPLAY app.

  • GROUPLAY app admin is very intuitive and easy to update, and does not require prior knowledge.


You can build the game as you want (Only needed once), and your thousands of tourists
will get a richer and interactive experience out of the maps you already have. 

The same maps that you have already invested so much time and thought in their content and design.

you will be able to download
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How It Works
Important Facts
Rules of the Game
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